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How to have the best possible answers during your job interview?

“You’re hired!” This is what a job seeker would want to hear after an interview. But before this success, applicants are into pressure in practicing their answers for the interrogation. Whenever there is an interview in a company or any job fair direct hiring events, you can hear most people murmuring their practiced answers in the corridor and or even in the comfort room. Remember that there is nothing wrong with doing such, because it means that you just want to do things well.
 Here are some tips on how you can have the best possible answers during an interview.
1. Tell Me About Yourself
This statement is the top most question that an HR interviewer could ask. Many applicants misinterpret this simple question. Most given answers to this are; full name, age, address, likes & dislikes, and what they do for fun in life. Take note that these answers are not what your interviewer would want to hear from you. What it meant by this is not about asking your personal life, but rather your experiences and skills. When you are a fresh graduate, you can tell your interviewer about your academic performance or extra-curricular activities you did in school. For the applicants who’ve been an employee before, you can share your proficiency and what you have learned in your previous career. 
2. What are your weaknesses?
This is a tricky question for many, because it makes some applicant drag their selves down by saying unnecessary things about them, such as their bad habits and disfavour. In telling your weaknesses, you should steadily make it sound in a positive form. Make sure that, though this behaviour or attitude is not right, still it contributes help in doing your work. For example, your weakness is you have the tendency to overdo your job. With this, the word “overdoing”may denotes something that is not nice to practice, but still helps you to obtain your task anyway and it makes you look a very hardworking person.
3. What do you know about the company?
Doing research about the background and status quo of the company you are applying to can aid your composure. This query let the interviewee sense how well you know the company you’re applying to. But you have to ensure that what you have read on your research or on the internet has a valid and credible source to avoid misinformation during the interview. 
4. Why (the company you’re applying to) or Why do you want to work here?
In relation to the previous question, the interviewer can sense what you really know about the company you’re going to work with once you’ll get hired. Mistaken answer by most job seeker is the common one which is saying that the company is great that is why they loved to work there. Instead of saying that cliché response, why not try to be proud of the company’s reputation, progress, and culture. By this, it is not just you who feel delighted but also the interviewee. 
5. Why should we hire you?
Finally, this is your opportunity to put up yourself to the interviewer. In answering this question, it is necessary for you to show how effectiveyou are to be hired in the company you are applying to. It’ll be unessential if you just narrate how eager are you to get hired just because you need a job and or for the reason that you saw their urgent hiring poster somewhere. In order to strike the attention of your interviewee, it’s a help if you sell them what you have. This is intending to be the ability, accomplishments, expertise and most especially the edge you have among the other applicants that your interviewer have encountered. 
Being on a job interview is always a chance to prove yourself that you deserve to be part of the company. In the end, of all the tips given, self-confidence will always be the key to capture your interviewee’s interest and of course putting respect with each other. - Sofia Dancel