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Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) has grown since it was founded in 1988 to become a Fortune 500 company providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services to commercial and governmental clients. The company continues to grow, expand, and evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace and continually reinvents itself as new opportunities arise.&nbsp; From the start, ACS pursued an aggressive growth strategy though acquisitions.&nbsp; ACS began by providing data processing and other services to banks and financial institutions. In the 1990s it operated an ATM network that was second only to that of Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) among non-bank networks.<br /> Through acquisitions, ACS has grown from a regional provider based in Dallas to a national player in the outsourcing services field. After establishing itself as a major provider to federal, state, and local governments, ACS announced in August 2003 that it would sell its government solutions business to Lockheed Martin Corporation to focus on providing BPO services to commercial clients.<br /> Advantages of serving diverse industries led to steady and successful expansion into the communications, education, energy, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and travel sectors.&nbsp; 7-Eleven was one of our first expansion clients, and after more than a decade, the relationship with ACS continues today.<br /> ACS handles jobs its clients would rather hand off.&nbsp; As an outsourcer, ACS handles functions such as administration, including health care claims processing; finance and accounting; human resources; payment processing; sales, marketing, and customer care call centers; and supply chain management. BPO services account for most of the company&#39;s sales. ACS also offers information technology and systems integration services. In early 2010, ACS was acquired by printing equipment giant Xerox.<br /> <br /> <br /> Global Presence<br /> <br /> The mission of ACS has always been to deliver the right solutions using the best practices and providing the best quality at the lowest cost from anywhere in the world. ACS simply manages our client&rsquo;s&#39; operations &ndash; no matter what platform or process &ndash; with a global infrastructure and workforce, experienced field administration, and proprietary technologies, processes, and procedures that assure reliability, cost savings, improved performance, business continuity, security, and practical innovation. The strategic acquisition of companies with an international presence assists our global expansion. For example, our acquisition of Motorola&rsquo;s HRO unit and Ascom&rsquo;s Transport Revenue Division added numerous locations, including offices in China, France, Italy, Malaysia, and Spain.<br /> ACS&rsquo; global delivery model has many benefits. It provides a follow-the-sun workflow using the most cost-effective combination of skills and resources across multiple countries and time zones. It enables us to support worldwide and regional services according to client preferences. It combines specialized talents, a strong work ethic, and quality service with labor and real estate cost advantages. Our strategy delivers scalable operations and on-demand resources to our clients.<br /> We opened our first offshore facility in Monterrey, Mexico in 1995. In 2001 we acquired a company with sites in Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic that were opened in 1988. Additional centers in Mexico were opened in 1997 and 1996. We added service centers in Guatemala in 1998 and Ghana in 2000, opened offices in India in 2001, and added offices in Germany, Malaysia, Spain, and the United Kingdom in 2002. We added locations in France, Fiji, Ireland, Singapore, and Brazil in 2003, Switzerland in 2004, and the Philippines and Poland in 2005 and 2006.<br /> Caribbean and Latin America expansion continued in 2009 with the acquisition of e-Services Group and Multivoice.&nbsp; Customer care services are provided from locations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica and Peru.&nbsp; ACS offshore-bases capabilities provide highly trained workforce to handle complex business functions convenient to Americas and Europe.<br /> ACS global presence is being built through the expansion needed to meet the requirements of our clients.&nbsp; In addition to ACS&rsquo; existing global footprint, effective February 8, 2010 ACS became ACS, a Xerox Company. This transaction will continue to strengthen ACS&rsquo; presence in the EMEA region. Xerox Europe covers 17 countries across Europe including France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Of our combined 130,000 employees, more than 14,700 are located in Europe, with nearly a quarter of our revenues generated from this region.