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Posted by Admin | March 06, 2017

  Motivating your internal clients

A company can only provide excellent  products/services through motivated employees. Behind your counters are your people performing their own part of the work, eventually contributing to your success. But employees are not machines who will always be good. They can only go as far as they are motivated to go.
                Imagine an undetermined employee who is given a critical function for a project. Before anything is given to anyone, the idea of this instantly tell us that things won’t be finished, or perhaps the output will be far from standards. But the root cause of all this is not because you hired the wrong persons, but rather the lack of motivation.
                Motivation is a crucial factor in any company that wishers to have a good system. Here are a few small ideas to motivate your employees:
                Recognition. No one will want to exert all effort and skill to something that won’t matter. Even for people who say that they don’t care about the type of work they do as lo as they get paid, eventually, they will also want to know if what they are doing actually matter. Recognition is a powerful tool  to keep your employees not only motivated, but also interested in their work made an impact to the company or even to the lives of the people around them, they feel rewarded and more determined to continue.
                If the company exceeded its quota, then perhaps you can show your people a token of appreciation showing them that you recognize their individual effort. It can be in the form of company dinner small gifts, or even monetary incentives.
                Small successes can be rewarded by a thoughtful pat on the back, a hand-shake and a congratulation, to signify that you recognize their actions. What is most important is for you to acknowledge a job well done.
                Work Variety. When you work eight hours a day for the entire week, filling different  versions of documents that contain essentially the same things as the thousands they have accomplished, you are going to lose your patience sooner than later. Work variety is important in motivating employees. It allows them to take break from their monotonous task, as well as try new thing that they may enjoy.
                Maybe you can try to mix things up from time to time and rotate task. Maybe for the next  company dinner, instead of the manager organizing, it can be one of his/her subordinate calling the shots. Perhaps the next small project can be assigned to a newly organized team of clerical employees.
                The point is for you to avoid burning your people out with repetitive task and o offering nothing new to  experience.
                Growth. People can only stay in one place for so long until they realize that are not going anywhere, anytime soon; that it is time to move on to a different company and experience new and greater  things. They are looking for career advancement and they feel it through certain indicators. These indicators are those that make them feel that their work actually effected changes in the work actually effected changes in the company, contributed to its success, gained them recognition, and showed them that they are one step  farther than they were before in the company. Growth is an essential  element in keeping employees happy.  This means that you need to  be able to provide them skills training so they can become more efficient. Show them that you care for them as a professional by giving them the opportunity to improve their personal performances.
                The biggest motivator related to growth is providing opportunity for career advancement. First, they must know that employees in the company can be promoted, regardless of how few of them will actually be promoted.
                Avoid being partial. Even when faced with the most number of problem employees, as a business owner and leader, avoid showing signs of favoritism. By showing obvious signs of employee preference, you are effectively destroying the morale of other employees. They will feel a lot of things from your impartially—that they will most likely not have a chance to get promoted, that their work is not cut out to get your attention and they are less  likely to be motivated by small gestures if a the end of the day they still know you play favorites.
                Provide equal opportunity and recognition. If your problem employee shines for the first time, or has in some way improve, recognize it, and motivate him/her to keep improving. If that top performing employee violates a company rule, penalize him/her  according to the corresponding penalty provided in your company handbook. Never give unfair privileges to select people.
                In our zeal to get sales, we focus our attention on your customer. While this is a wise policy, we must not forget that we have internal clients that are equally important if we are to run our company effectively. By adopting policies and procedures that motivate them, too you will be building a solid foundation for –long term success.

Ruben Anlacan Jr. is the president and CEO of BusinessCoach, Inc.