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Posted by Admin | January 09, 2017

  How to get extra cash

I have seen a lot of the members of the young workforce wanting to earn more money fast. Now while some of the veterans are criticizing them for wanting to get rich quickly, I’ve come to realize that it’s human nature. Most people would want to earn fast if there are easy ways. With this in mind, getting part-time or online jobs which they can do after their eight-tofive jobs has now become a trend for the young people.
                The variety of money making options you can get into is limitless. Just to start the ball rolling, here are a few suggestions:
                Events hosting. This is a side job that takes only two things: Confidence and eloquence. Events hosting is an easy project-based work that will take at most five hours of your presence, andonly a fourth of which is you actually speaking. This is an attractive job for people with high energy who are not afraid to take center stage, whether in front of kids at a children’s party, or before businessmen at a convention. As a part-time job, you can accept all hosting contracts you are offered outside working hours. A good thing about events hosting is that there is a high chance for  you to get hired again for other hosting works that your clients would need in the future. You can even further your career as a professional host by creating your personal video portfolio and posting them over YouTube, or other video-hosting sites, which you can then use to send clients your sample work.
                Resource speaker. Akin to events hosting, being a resource speaker will also just require you to speak in front of students and participants about specific topics that you have the experience. This is highly attractive to managers and people holding high functions in their company. Human resource managers can earn by serving as a resource speaker for HR-related topic like how to source and screen people,  how to compute salaries and wages, and  how to handle a termination. Training companies and even big companies are always looking for resource speakers. The more you are experienced in the trade, and the more you can discuss thoroughly, the more likely you are to achieve success as a resource speaker. We have even come across professionals who eventually chose to leave their regular jobs to accommodate more speaking engagements.
                Tutorial services. For those who have a lot of patience, a smaller and easier version of resource speaker is a tutor. Tutorial services are easy to manage as you would only usually handle one or two students at a time. Most tutorial services are just for basic subjects for grade school students. Tutorials usually just last two to three hours, which means you have a lot of time left to either accommodate another student, or engage in a different part-time work.
                Online jobs. Online jobs can range from relatively easy, such as transcription jobs and data encoding, to complex endeavors such as project management functions. The good thing about seeking online jobs is that there are literally thousands of works up for grabs in various industries. Some of them would require you to be present online at a given time, while some would allow you to work on your own so long as you beat their deadlines. Online jobs some people have even found their entire career built from finding jobs online. Applying is as easy as sending an email, or chatting through Skype, all while you sit comfortably on your couch. Working is also less of a hassle for most online jobs as you can simply choose when you want to work. However, remember that online jobs will not pay as good as your regular job and will not always be safe. Beware of scammers online. Check for the company’s authenticity before applying and committing time for them.
                Baking. A lot of baking hobbyists have eventually turned their hobby into a business. There are quite a number of startup bakeshops that offer their services online. This would take more physical effort as compared to other part-time works, but as it would be your own business, you can earn more and eventually expand and create a physical store. However, in order to truly make your own online bakeshop profitable you would need to market aggressively online, be able to customize cakes and pastries according to orders and deliver on time.
                There are a lot of ventures available for individuals who are willing to spend their free time in working for some extra cash. The best part is that most of these jobs would require you to use your personal skills, which could be more fulfilling. Start earning more, and who knows, maybe it will only be a matter of time before you can afford to upgrade your sideline into a full-fledged business.

Ruben Anlacan Jr. is the president and
CEO of BusinessCoach, Inc.